British Royal Engagement Rings

SapphireThe 1st royal engagement ring recorded in history was offered to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Maximilian I of Austria and since then we have been fascinated by royal engagement rings. A blue sapphire fits in very best with a properly balanced life style in which reliability and temperament run together and there is usually a readiness to encounter things new – as with the woman who wears it. The truth that this magnificent gemstone also comes in a big quantity of other colours was known for a extended time practically only to insiders.

With such a effective color of heaven” legacy, it stands to reason that the sapphire has been the choice of royalty (King Solomon wore a sapphire ring), and priests (Medieval church officials chose sapphires to decorate their scepters), and lovers (Joan of Navarre, fourteenth century bride of Henry IV of England, received a sapphire ring set inscribed with a love motto, known as a posy: A MA VIE, to my life”).

The high high quality and splendour of the two rings in this wedding-engagement ring set is what has surprised a quantity of people. The world wide web has numerous photographs of cushion reduce engagement rings for you to get a decent visual of your possible engagement ring. Hey MM, great hub..lots of info…I lost my engagement ring years ago and will most likely never have one more one particular, as I definitely don’t strategy on receiving married once more.

While at least 1% chromium must be present in corundum prior to the deep red ruby color is seen, sapphire blue is apparent with the presence of only .01% of titanium and iron. Naturally, rings that use white or yellow gold will be less high-priced than platinum. In the third movie of the Twilight Saga, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is offered a precious household treasure from her fiancée Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) as an engagement ring. The set includes a huge diamond and sapphire tiara, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a brooch, and a set of hair ornaments. It was developed by Ngila Dickinson who developed the costumes from The Lord of the Rings.

It is left to the customer to educate themselves on the sapphire colour, clarity, and general cut quality of the set sapphire. For example, despite the fact that a sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, a diamond is practically four occasions harder than a sapphire. When Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon ultimately accepted Prince Albert’s (the future King George VI) proposal (and rumor has it that he had to ask her on three various occasions) she spoke to reporters and let it slip that she was getting a sapphire engagement ring. I just met a gentleman who wants me to design and style his far better half’s engagement ring.