How to Buy Jewelry For Your Spouse

Buy jewelry as a gift can be nerve racking. How do you know where to start? What jewelry should you buy? And when you go to a jeweler, what are you looking for? In buying a piece of jewelry itself requires no small cost, to get a loan tips, you can see it in no credit check loans online.

Below are practical tips on how to find and purchase the perfect jewelry for someone special for you, that your own spouse.

  1. Pay attention to what she’d wear. The first step is to find out what he likes. Remember what she wore every day, and what she was wearing for the evening. Buy like that. Do not think that he was not wearing the bracelet, because he has been waiting for you to buy a bracelet that was perfect for him.
  2. Note the style preferences. Jewelry such as fashion design: every woman has her personal style. So suppose you know she likes earrings. Does she tend to wear the ring? If she likes the necklace, whether he liked the simplicity or layers trinkets? The best bet is to buy her own variation on what she wore, but perhaps with surprise, as the different gemstones.
  3. Ask your female friends to help. Once you know the general direction of the type of jewelry you buy, ask your female friends at work what they would buy. Female friends, you can tell you what is a trend, and the best place to shop. Be careful if asked friends your partner. They may divulge confidential.
  4. Avoid buying a ring. That is, unless you are applying for. The other ring, no matter how beautiful, just say you’re not ready to commit. Who needs to step on the land mines?
  5. Know its size. If you buy a ring, find out what size she wears. To do this, you have a little peek. See dresser or jewelry box to find a ring that may have him wear, and draw on a sheet of paper. It may not be perfect, but it can be adjusted later.
  6. Set a budget. Decide how much you want to spend for your gifts, and try not to be affected in a jeweler to exceed it. Again, female friends you might have some insight on this. The price level must correspond with your stage in the relationship. Spending too much in the beginning may make them feel uncomfortable.
  7. Doing some work on metals and gems. In the jewelry store, the seller will use a lot of the terminology can be confusing, so to know some basic facts. For example, it does not mean pure gold 24 carat gold. It simply means not hollow. And not all gemstones are created equal. They may be natural, made in a lab, or imitation.
  8. Check the workmanship. Ensure a strong clip and it works well. Check the settings for uniformity. If you buy jewelry made with precious metals, searching for signs of rust that determine the purity of the metal. There must also be the hallmark, indicating that manufacturers have accurate sign of rust.
  9. Ask about refund at the store or exchange policy. As perfect as you think, might need to be taken back for some reason. Also give special attention to the valid time period. There is a big difference between 24 hours and 30 days.
  10. Get product details in writing. If you purchase involving precious metals or stones, make sure the seller to write down all the information about the jewelry on the receipt, such as weight or size gems.

By doing a little research and be a smart shopper, you will definitely make someone very happy when she opened the gift box.